Limestone Resources Australia Pty Ltd

Retaining Walls

Typical design - 1 metre high retaining wall

Base width = 40% to 50% of the face height for walls over 700mm in height.

We strongly recommend you contact your local Council or building authority to clarify local requirements before proceeding.

A screen wall does not require backfill.
However, for long-term stability, adequate footings should be used.

In many cases good quality second grade blocks can be used to create a footing and for backfill (blocks behind main face of the wall)

Retaining walls less than 700mm in height

For retaining walls less than 700mm in height, no backfill is required, unless the area to be retained is under considerable pressure.

Low garden retaining walls
In many cases one block will give sufficient height, stability and prove to be an extremely simple inexpensive maintenance free method to use.

To prevent discolouration by water seeping through the wall, plastic sheeting can be placed behind the wall prior to placing fill behind the wall. Consideration should also be given to sealing the exposed surfaces of the wall with Waterepel.

Typical garden retaining wall with bullnose capping

a) Before backfilling with sand/soil, place heavy duty black plastic or similar against the back of the wall to prevent water penetration.
b) Seal the exposed face of the stone with waterpel

Sealing retaining walls

Render or seal the inside of any limestone retaining wall to prevent moisture seeping through and eventually discolour the face stone.
'Sila Seal' or similar products are suitable product for sealing the rear of larger retaining walls.